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Helios Bank Technical Support

The Helios Bank

Product Information

Helios Bank Features:

Helios Bank Specifications:

  • Cell Type - Li - Polymer

  • Input - DC 5V/1A

  • Output - DC 5V/1A

  • Battery - 4000 mah

  • Charging Time - 4 hours (Grid) / 5 hours (5.3W Solar Panel - Full Sun) 

Technical Support

How do I connect my Helios Bank to my Helios Alpha Pack?

Your Helios Pack will arrive with the Helios Bank in its packaging due to shipping requirements.  Using the below illustration for guidance, follow these easy steps to ready your Helios Pack solar charging system:
      1. Remove the Helios Bank and its USB cable from its box.
      2. Open your Helios Alpha Pack secondary pocket for access to the Solar Panel and disconnect the External USB connector cable from the solar panel.
      3. Connect the Helios Bank USB cable mini-USB connector to the Helios Bank "IN" mini-USB port.
      4. Connect the Helios Bank USB cable USB connector to the Helios Alpha Pack Solar Panel.
      5. Reconnect the External USB connector cable to the Helios Bank "OUT" USB port.
      6. Press the Helios Bank power button, you should see the LED turn on if charged and powered on.

How do I charge my device?

Once your Helios Alpha Pack is set up (see above), connect your device to the Helios Alpha Pack external USB port with your device's USB cable.  The device will begin to charge if the Helios Alpha Pack Solar Panel is outside and aimed at the Sun or if the Helios Bank is charged.

My device still won't charge?

If your Helios Alpha Pack Solar Panel is not outside and aimed at the Sun, you are dependent upon a charged Helios Bank to charge your device.

Verify the Helios Bank's charge level. Press the Helios Bank Power Button and check the LED on the front of the battery pack - if the LEDs are lit then the battery is charged.

Turn on USB Port

Tapping the Helios Bank's power button is necessary to activate the USB output of the Helios Bank.

Try Multiple Cables

Check all cable connections.

Try a different charging cable from your device to the external USB port of the Helios Pack. If you do not have another cable, validate that your cable is not faulty by charging from any USB port to see if the device is charging.

Don't Trust Charge Indicators

Even if the device doesn't indicate that it is charging, it might be. Try leaving your device plugged into the Helios Bank for 10-15 minutes and recheck the power level. Some devices recognize that the Helios Bank is not their normal chargers, but will still charge from them anyway. Some devices will only charge when powered off.

My Helios Bank will not power on?

If you are unable to use the Helios Alpha Pack's Solar charger, you may charge your Helios Bank from any USB port or power supply.  This is a good option upon initial delivery.  See the below illustration.