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About Us

Day hiking, camping, fishing, relaxing at the beach, cooking out at the park, studying outside, and working at the job site are just a few scenarios where you may find your smartphone or other chargeable devices without juice and without an outlet nearby.  Encountering these situations ourselves, we searched for a functional remote charging solution and loved the idea of a solar backpack with the carrying capacity for everyday use that will charge our devices in a pinch.  But we wanted a complete solution that would store our solar energy so we could charge our devices on a cloudy day or at night.  There are products out there that try to meet this need, we know, we looked.  The solar backpacks we found were either not complete solutions (did not include a compatible power bank), were complete solutions but pricey, or aesthetically...just didn’t look that great.
In 2020, Helios Packs was established with the mission to supply an affordable backpack with an effective solar charging and power storage capability.  With little capital in hand, we forged pivotal manufacturing partnerships to create and test an integrated solution - the Helios Pack brand, the Helios Alpha Pack and Helios Bank were born.  We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do and look forward to evolving our product line and services in the future with your feedback.