How Helios Works

Helios Solar Panel

Each Helios Pack has an integrated Solar Panel.  An external USB port allows for direct charging to your device when the Helios Pack is in the Sun or from the included Power Bank when inside.

Helios Power Bank

The Helios Power Bank is included with each Helios Pack.  It charges from the Helios Solar Panel while in the Sun.  It may also be charged from a USB power supply for extended periods out of the Sun.

Helios Integration

Harness and store the power of the Sun when off-the-grid.  Charge your device while indoors or outdoors.

Helios Charging Performance

Helios Alpha Pack Charging

The Alpha Pack’s integrated 5.3W solar panel and Helios Bank power storage
provides charging capabilities for your devices on the go from the external USB
port. Optimize solar charging of your device and Helios Bank by pointing the
solar panel directly at full sun. Charge times vary based on level of sunlight
and battery capacity of the device.